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  • -12v rail

    Ok heres what i need. I already have a DC-DC supply that will give me my +12 and +5 voltages(-5 not needed) So instead of buying a whole new DC-DC converter is there any simple way to build a -12v regulator that will give me around 100mA? I've looked at the 7912 regulator from maxim but you need a 16v input for that.....


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    Sure there is ....
    Here is the cheapest and most efficent way.
    MAX765 ( Free as sample ) how ar you with electronics?
    If you need the schematic let me know ( emaile me or something)
    The chip uses +5v to generate -12 and its very efficent... it will also give out around 250ma ( i think it was )



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      Actually, the cheapest way is to use another battery. But don't do that. It is a hack and sucks.

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        Yeah...while I want cheap...thats a rather ghetto way of doing it....if I only needed the -12v occasionally then maybe...but I have to have it full time and I want something a little more permanant....and Thanks Fosgate for the info and schematic...thats the perfect solution.