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    Hi. I'm in the middle of planning my carputer project right now and I've pretty much decided everything, going for a lilliput 7" TS, prolly a 1GHz Nehemiah m-ITX and one of those PSU's that you put on the board itself. The only thing I'm wondering is, since that PSU needs a regulated input, will a simple 12V MOSFET (I assume it is) regulator do? Like the kind you solder on a cirquitboard.. I found one that can take 7 amps and input voltage max was like 35V so there's no problem.. unless I need some caps or other stuff to keep the voltage stable? If so, can I get some help with what I need? Oh btw, the regulator has a 1.5% tolerance on output voltage.

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    do you have a link to a spec sheet on the regulator? If i were you i would get a couple large capacitors and a couple small value capacitors and run parrellel after your regulator. This will clean up ripples and cut some noise out of the power line too.
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      The capacitors sound like a good idea.. how big should they be?
      Here's the spec sheet


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        Hmm 17 volts max it says, that's good plenty. 7 amp output, depending on your PSU may not be enough, that's 84 watts max. Perfect if you have a PW-60/70 ("one of those PSU's that you put on the board itself"). 1.4 voltage dropout, means you'll need to have at least 13.4 volts going to it for it to output a steady 12 volts. That's not really a problem in a car. but you might want to check. Looks cool.
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          you know thats not a bad regulator at all. might be better than some of the ones other people have been using. Deji if you figure out the values of the resistors and capacitors needed to build the circuit could you send me a schematic or at least the values for r1 r2 etc? I never can figure out how to get exactly 12v without playing with a variable resistor which sucks. Thanks!
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            I'm going for a PW-70a for my board.. and that regulator should handle that.
            Would it be a bad idea to run the board on a separate battery? I mean, it would work for a while, but I guess the battery wouldn't sustain 13.4V for a very long time right? I wonder how low you can go before the board can't take it anymore.. If I have a 44Ah battery directly connected to the carputer (with the alternator connected to the battery of course), just to keep the carputer alive during those short stops, like going from store to store or whatever.. would the board live long on that? I mean if voltage drops like right away it wouldn't actually do anything if the board shuts down at maybe 11.5V (means that the regulator would need 12.9V atleast..
            Would it help to use a battery or is it a terrible idea? Cause I don't see too many peeps around here with backup batteries.. maybe there's a reason for that?

            Edit: Oh and Greyscale, this project is not likely to happen in a long time since I don't even have a car.. I just like to play with the idea and plan what's gonna happen