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ca-c1aux kenwood adapter pinout

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  • ca-c1aux kenwood adapter pinout

    Ok, I've been up down and all around the internet looking for the schematic of this "ca-c1aux" adapter, Ive found a bunch of links on these forums, however all of them are dead or useless. Could someone just describe a simple wiring diagram for the aux in on kenwood decks using the cd changer port. I've heard a diode and resistor are used and Ive heard you can just cross certain pins.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    nevermind, i took the horrible chance of frying my deck and i got it to work. apparently shorting pins 3 (+12) and 9 (request input) turned on the "av in" source on for my deck. refer to this for pinout of the connector and the L/R input:

    thanks to radioman193 for the pinout too

    btw my hu is kenwood model kdc-2019


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      Can you post the diagram of your homebrew cable?

      How did you fasten your cable to the changer jack?