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  • Need another pci slot

    I'm still working on my car computer I have a AMD-350 K6-2 and a Mobo with audio video built in to it, the bad thing is that I can't use any of the two,first the display i'm using (Pioneer AVX-P7000CD) requires Composite video input,RCA type, so I have get a video card with Composite video out, I don't want to buy an external box that converts VGA to TV signal because it will require external power, not efficient + I heard the picture would not be as clean as a high end video card with composite video out
    then I found out I have a crappy sound card, that has no line out, if i use the head phones jack to hook up to my amps, there will be a lot of distortion, so my question is my mobo has only one pci slot, is there a way to get two pci slots out one?
    any suggestions greatly appreciated, thanks..

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    okay, about the video card, I suggest an ATI Xpert series. Its got DVD decoding on it, and RCA video out. As far as the sound goes, if you can't get another PCI slot then set your computer volume at a low level and use your headunit to control the volume. BTW, have you bought the Pioneer yet? 'cause if you havent i'd be glad to build you a kickass MP3 player with a 6" screen for about the same price...

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      Yeah I already bought the monitor, but thanks for the offer and info..