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  • CD Changer Adapter to PC

    Has anyone build or knows how to get info on a cd changer adapter which can be plugged into a pc port, serial, parallel, usb, whatever? Reason being, I have a Jetta which has a hookup for a regular changer but Id rather use it for my PC.

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    What year is your jetta? Have you taken the head unit out of the dash to see if there is a din cable plugged into it. VW either uses clarion or panasonic changers to work with the factory head. You can usually determine which by looking to see who made the radio but this is not always true depending on the year. Some VW's have the cable installed already some don't if it is it will be taped up under the rear seat on the passenger side. Either way there is no easy way to get the factory radio to go into changer mode to pipe the sound into the radio without having the changer installed. If you get the changer then you can simply tap into the cable and switch between cd and mp3. The panasonic changer uses rca's so its as easy as y'ing the signal. The clarion would be a little harder but is still possible. jas


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      I am trying to do the same thing.
      Honda Car, but with a SONY deck.
      has Changer Pre-outs includes RCA left/right.
      But i already have a changer in the car. Is there a way to split the cables, and "daisy chain" the changer to my mp3 computer?