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Need help finding an AC to DC power adaptor

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  • Need help finding an AC to DC power adaptor

    I've looked at and ebay auctions and several search engines but not had any luck.

    What I am looking for is an AC to DC power adaptor (also known as a wall wart) for my LCD screen I got from a friend, just the screen, didn't get the power supply cause he didn't have it either. On the back of the unit it says it takes 15V at a max of 7 watts. So that translates into 467 milli-AMP maximum.

    So what I am asking is if anyone knows where I can find an AC to DC power adaptor that puts out 15 Volts DC at no more then 467 milli-Amps. Any suggestions on where I can look or know of one off hand?
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    You might try and They have a whole big section of all types of power supplies. But jut FYI you dont need a 15v that can only put out a max of just has to be above say if you found one that was 15 volts at 5000mA(5 A) that would be perfectly fine to use. What ever is drawing the current is only going to use as much as it needs and no more. (unless theres a short or something...which is why its a good idea to use a fuse...)

    Hope that helps some.


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      well, I see that you live in MS (go Dawgs--I go to MSU). Have you tried Radio Shack? They have all kinds of power supplies. If all else fails you could come to Starkville and I'll let you have the one for my LCD Touchscreen. The screen is going into my truck and runs off 12V, so I wont need it. You listed the MAX values, what are the MIN values? If it takes (at least) more than my power supply puts out, then mine wont do you any good. I dont have my PSU here, I'm in Nashville currently, but when I get back to starkville I'll let you know the specs if you're interested.

      Also, you might try for info on my soon to be system

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        Thanks wizardPC. On the back of the TFT LCD module it says "15V 7 watts max." It doesn't have any minumum values listed. From what I've read, I think I can get away with a 15V 500mA power supply because the TFT Module will only draw 467 mA while the power supply can put out up to 500 mA, because the TFT module won't "push" in 500 mA, the screen will only draw the needed 467 mA.

        A friend of mine said I could get a 12V unregulated power supply and try that since a car's electrical system is really closer to 13 V then 12 V and it might work, but I'd rather go with 15V cause thats what listed on the back of the TFT module.
        24 y/o w/ Silver/Red
        2000 Honda S2000