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  • Casing a LCD

    Well, since hurricane Floyd is comming straight at my town (forcast hast it from orlando to the keys if it keeps on its course but my house is dead between the keys and orlando) I figured Id go to Home Depot to get supplies. While im there, What should I buy to case my LCD? What materials. My car does not have a wood interior, just plastic. I really want it to be easy to work with and asthetically pleasing



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    You might try Radio Shack they have a variety of project boxes. Last weekend I saw they had "monitor" boxes. They were too small for my LCD but they would probably fit a 6" LCD.

    You might just ask at Home Depot if they have casing or project boxes.

    I'm looking for a case to fit my LCD too. Including the frame it's 8" by 11".... I thought about finding a cardboard box and fiberglassing over it...


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      You might look into grabbing a dremel to do all of the cutting. It's a really versatile tool. For those of you unfamiliar with what a dremel is, it's basically a rotary too with multiple attachments ( spins like a drill ). You can hook up wheels to cut anything from plastic to steel and there are tools to buff and smooth edges. I got mine for < $45 on eBay


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        Yea, I use a Dremel for my projects too -- actually I am building a couple of Sharp 6" LCDs in cases for a customer of mine, and I bought a project box at FRY's and cut the hole with my dremel tool.

        It's a great tool for this type of work...

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          Ill try but you physically cant get into home depot. Its swamped with people buying ply-wood. We put ours up today. Im going to grafiti it tomorrow before the swquals with hurricane hate messages. Im casing a 4x20 , not a 6''


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            I got some clear acrylic, masked out a square on the back then sprayed it black. when you peel off the masking and turn it over it looks pretty damn cool. Ideal for a 16 * 4 display surround.