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IDE to Firewire converter board

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  • IDE to Firewire converter board

    I currently have an external IDE Hard Drive with an IDE to USB converter. I want to remove the USB converter and replace it with Firewire. Does anyone know of a place I can find this at a reasonable price? I have found such an enclosure for $200, but that seems pretty steep when all I need is the converter board itself.

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    Where did you get the IDE to USB converter? I've been looking for a few of those, but they all come with the external cases and are $75
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      I found one as well:
      $229 dollars....this makes the $75 ones for USB seem cheap.

      WizardPC: Directon also has a few of the IDE to USB boxes. Look in the USB section.


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        StarTech ( ) makes both. They are a local company for me, and most of their products are decent. I've never tried any of their HD converters except the parallel version though.

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          I have found an IDE to Firewire enclosure on for $130. Still steep, but better - and I need it. I will not need the IDE to USB enclosure anymore, so if anyone wants it - hows $50. shipping included? let me know, its yours.


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            What's teh distance limitations on USB. And can it hold a DVD drive?


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              Slow speed devices like I guess cameras are limited to 16', high speed devices, like cd-roms are limited to 10'. (according to the USB specs, actual mileage may vary)

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                USB can only handle 12mbps max. data rate. As far as I know, it cannot handle DVD playback, thus people use the Firewire IDE converter boards that are available.

                I was at Comdex in Vegas this year and saw a demo of the USB 2.1 where they had a DVD drive connected to an IDE-to-USB 2.1 converter playing a DVD movie over USB. It was perfectly smooth since USB 2.1 is 400mbps. I believe Firewire is also 400mbps as well.

                For my setup, I plan on installing a Pioneer 16x slot-loading IDE drive in the dash and using an IDE to Firewire converter so I only need a single firewire cable running to the PC
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