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Relocating Portable DVD Remote Sensor...

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  • Relocating Portable DVD Remote Sensor...

    I’m going to be using a portable dvd player (Apex PD-450) for playing mpeg, mp3, wma, vcd, an of course dvds. I’m going to be tucking it away in the glove box…and not mounting it anywhere permanently because I want to be able to remove it for use outside of the vehicle. I have everything covered except for remote sensor relocation. The unit will get 12v off the ignition, and all other connections will be detachable. The only problem is with the remote sensor.

    I want to keep the factory remote sensor intact, because I’ll want to use the remote with it when it’s out of the car. I planned on soldering to the board, and connecting a second sensor that would stay wired in the car, but able to be detached for unit removal. I came up with two ideas…but let me know if there’s an easier way I’ve overlooked…

    Option 1: Find another Apex sensor. Using my original plan of running dual sensors, one for the car hidden, and one built in for using outside of the car. Does this sensor have to be an Apex sensor? How can I tell what will work with the provided remote? Where could I find another compatible sensor?

    Option 2: Find another Apex remote (I don’t care if it is hardwired, I can keep the remote in center console)…AND wire the remote directly to the input of the other sensor. Can this be done? Will it pickup the signal the same as it would if signal was being transmitted through the two sensors facing each other?

    Thanks for any input…ideas…advice…etc.
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    IR Repeater. You will need a Xantech connecting block, power supply, and flashers (for the IR). These are commonly used in home AV and are relatively inexpensive. Do a search on google to find out more. GL