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Interfacing SONY Deck CD Changer BUS Cable?

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  • Interfacing SONY Deck CD Changer BUS Cable?

    I have a Sony CD Deck, with a 10 Disc Sony Changer hooked into the Changer Pre-Outs: Bus Cable, Left and Right RCA cables. I was wondering if it was possible to interface the Bus Cable with the computer's parellel port. This way i wouldn't have to build a separate LCD display, I could just use the SONY DECK.

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    I found out how.
    You must buy an adapter to allow AUX audio to input into the UNILINK cord.

    Sony Model number = XA107


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      what you mean? you want to hoock the lcd disc manager controller to the pc to play mp3s?


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        I found out how.
        You must buy an adapter to allow AUX audio to input into the UNILINK cord.
        Sony Model number = XA107

        Where did you get it from...I am using a cassette adapter and have been looking for one of these for ages...



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          Ok i have a Sony deck but no cd changer.. does that cable plug into the deck and makes the bus port an AUX jack or how does it work. please give more detail. thanks



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            Checked out

            seems that is allows AUX input on the bus. Doesn't seem as if it will allow information to be passed to the lcd... but you could use a sony deck for AUX input instead of a tape adapter or something of that nature!


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              I think what the origional topic question was to connect the cd changer output controls (from the deck) to a parallel port so he can control his mp3 unit from his deck. IE change mp3 forward/back/skip/pause/play correct?
              I also had this idea, however it would be difficult to find out the way the deck communicates with a cd changer, there is a whole "standard" you have to use. I'm sure an EE engineer could figure it out.
              there are also different types of bus's.
              I don't know what kind of bus Sony uses, however I know Alpine uses M-BUS and AI-Net.
              Pioneer uses P-bus.

              I myself have been looking to find a way to get input into my DECK, I can't find an M-BUS adapter that will allow rca input. I do know there is an AI-NET adapter. I resorted to purchasing a FM-Modulator, it has the worst sound I've ever heard (I don't know if its because I have a cheap model, or if its broken) heh. oh well


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                I feel your pain alien, I have a Monte Carlo with a stock GM AC/Delco radio. I believe it too also has an M-Bus adapter. Let me know if you have any luck, so far I have had none. =(


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                  Also, I don't believe that with the Sony, or alpine decks for that matter, that you can have an AUX input without ALSO having a CD changer installed.. without the changer it just won't change over to the CD Changer source, which is where your MP3 system would be running into.. I may be wrong.. some correct me if I am.. but I only wanna here it if you've done it yourself.. cause a lot of audio stores don't know what the **** they are talking about..


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                    some of the decks have an aux on/off switch in the menu for use with an aux inpur adaptor
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                      Does anybody know how to connect an AUX input into the changer bus instead of buying the UKú90 Sony adapter??


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                        We tried two different things...

                        Alpine makes that AUX adapter for the AI-Net. We bought one, but it doesn't work unless you have a changer. All it is is a relay that switches the signal lines between the changer and the AUX in. It has an input that you supply 12v to when you want to listen to the aux in rather than the cd changer. If the changer isn't hooked up, then it won't switch sources to pick up the aux in (because the head unit doesn't think anything is there).

                        I have an old Yamaha head unit and a CD changer. I bought it back in the early 90's. Its actually a Sony changer inside. Back then Sony was the only one making a changer. =) I bought a 2' 13 pin DIN cable from my local shop. It was actually for a Clarion. I was able to splice into the signal lines and get the MobileMP3 to play thru the changer... The only thing is, you had to have the changer hooked up, and you had to have a CD in there playing. =) It worked great right up until upon finalizing the DPDT relay hook up so I could switch between changer and mp3, I managed to short something in the cable. =( It didn't help matters that the Clarion cable had completely different internal wiring than the Yamaha cable did. In other words, the shielded signal lines that went thru the Yamaha DIN cable were like the power lines or something in the clarion cable (ie not shielded). So it made it rather difficult to wire up and thats how I managed to ***** it up. So now my changer doesn't work and neither does my mp3 input. DOH!

                        The moral of the story: If you are gonna mess with the cd changer bus, BE VERY CAREFULL! =)


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                          Check out this topic here:

                          I (finally) posted the curcuit diagram today. The software still has kinks in that effect the operation the unit.

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                            i have a xa-107 aux input for a sony deck with the unilink standard hookup for cd-changer. it does NOT require a cd-changer. it does NOT displayy info on the head unit. it merely allows an auxillary RCA input into the deck. it has superb sound quality (especially compaired to the fm-modulator i upgraded from). i know this is the wrong forum for this next part but...i just sold my car with the sony head unit in it so i have this lying around. if some one want to purchase it email me an offer.
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                              Same Problem with MP3 to Sony Deck

                              I'm having the same problem of connecting my MP3 Player to my Sony deck, and I don't feel like dropping the $100 on the XA-107 or the XA-300. Is there a way to use the RCA inputs, and connect a Unilink cable into the deck but not connected on the other end to trick the deck into thinking something is hooked up? I don't really care if I can see the track names on the head unit I just want to play my MP3's through my car stereo. Thanks for your help.