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    Is there a way that I could use a remote start to have it start up my computer instead of the car. that way when i get in it would be booted up and ready. Maybe even using the alarms aux out to do so. any ideas?
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    An aux out on your alarm would work perfectly. You would need to get a latching relay. Maybe someone else can explain it in more detail (my brain doesn't function quite right at 12:30 AM<g>)


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      i just got this for xmas actually. It works for me cause i use an inverter. I got it at fleet and farm (not sure if this is just a local store) but it costed me 15 bucks
      The item plugs into a wall socket (like the inverters) then the device such as the computer is ran from that. and it has a handy little rf keychain remote which you can turn it on and off. very handy unfortunetly im going to wire my system to the key so it wont work for me anymore. Still handy for other things though.


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        I posted a while back about this. Search for "remote activated MP3". Has all the detail you need, including a circuit.

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          Cool you're using AutoLoc too, thats what i am planning to get, shaved door handles kit with the alarm. It will take my pops to figure out the diagram, but it will be done by April.
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            I plan on getting a model 62 deluxe from bulldog security ( ) for about $130. It has a remote start with automatic hot/cold start (starts the vehicle when temperature reaches certain temperatures) and also has circuitry that starts the vehicle and recharges the battery when the battery charge gets dangerously low. This way, you can leave the computer all the time and not worry about a dead battery. It's also got an alarm, keyless entry (with power door locks), and remote trunk release (with power trunk, or course). All this for $130 from . I used to have a remote start on my sunbird a few years ago, and they are friggin awesome.

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              Here's a different twist:

              The alarm senses an intrusion, wakes up the computer, and records pictures/video of the intruder with a webcam. If the car is started or moved, those pictures would be sent to a remote video output to hopefully identify the intruder and track the car by GPS. All of this assumes the computer is not visible or known to exist by the thief (so he doesn't disable or steal it).

              What would it take to do any or all of this?



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                about $3000 and the next 12 weeks of your life
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                  "So your saying there's a chance..."


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                    I've seen someones website who said that they had that type of video security in their car that uploaded video by cellular modem to their home computer, and others also have the gps tracking stuff setup in their car. I saw some posts about this on this forum.
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