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Plexiglass chassis example

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  • Plexiglass chassis example

    <a href="">How to build a clear case</a> - this is a full tower chassis built out of plexiglass... thought it was kind of interesting...

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    <a href=""> How to build a clear case </a> - sorry - page 1 starts here....


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      This was posted on GeekNews and then on Slashdot awhile back. It got Slashdotted, too. Anyhow, I was really impressed with this design, the guy uses as little plexiglass as possible and does it pretty well. I liked the fluorescent light inside, although the on he used looked a bit large and almost tacky. I know they come in smaller sizes. If you really wanted to make it look cool and if you were willing to spend a bit of money, I would go to a neon shop and get a custom-shaped neon light made. I wonder if those guys can do black lights in cool shapes. Also, some companies sell plexiglass tinted in different colors, mostly neon greens and blues and day-glo orange and such, which would be very, very cool if used with a black light. It might blind you, though..