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    I opened up a Gravis Gamepad to try to reverse engineer it (we didn't have school becasue of the hurricane). Does anyone know how? I couldnt get it to work after I tinkered with it



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    Josh -

    From what I remember when I tinkered with a Gravis Gamepad a couple of years ago is there are simply switches that pull the analog joystick x & y positions to various levels, using resistors. So pressing the up button for example looks to the game port like a joystick pushed all the way up.

    For auto-fire there is a 555 timer IC configured as an oscillator which simply sends pulses down the fire button input on the game port. A couple of switches control rapid fire on/off and the configuration of the buttons.

    The 555 circuit draws voltage from the game port to operate.

    A basic game port works by charging a capacitor through each axis and measuring the time it takes to charge or discharge. The lower the resistance, the shorter the time, and thus the smaller the position of the joystick. This was done in the past using a 558 IC (a quad version of the 555 timer), but now days it is usually handled by an I/O controller chip or other circuitry on the motherboard.

    There's more involved, but this is some basic info.

    Jason Johnson
    Yorba Linda, California

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      Just wondering what you had in mind to do with the 'reengineered gamepad'.

      I took my day off of school due to Floyd to surf the web for surplus stuff.


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        Hmm. what would I wnbat to do with a reverse engineered gamepad. For one, Im going to reduce the size , mahbe only have 4 buttons (volume and track advance) and put them directly into the dash somewhere. It would look more professional


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          Any progress on your gamepad reengineering project?


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            make your life significantly easier. get a keypad (just the numbers portion of the keyboard), try putting it in the sun glasses holder. i have one just to the left of the steering wheel, it works perfect!


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              The thing is, someone else want me to do it. they have a cellphone key-pad in their dash. I thought if would be sick to rewire the keypad into the dash. And no, I have made no progress what-so-ever with my limited electronic knowledge