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Finding low profile ram for C134

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  • Finding low profile ram for C134

    I've searched high and low looking for 0.8" ddr266 ram for my Travla C134 / M10000. Google, Pricewatch, eBay, and thus far this forum have yet to indicate where I can find a stick of this for purchase. If anyone could point me in the right direction I would be very grateful.

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      I actually found a U.S. based site Thanks for the response


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        Anybody else know where to get low profile ram? is out, and only has 256 sticks, caseoutlet has up to 512MB, but if I'm really going to buy low profile ram, I would really like to bite the bullet and just get a 1gig stick.
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          I don't think they make a 1gig stick, or I haven't seen one on many many searches. It hink caseoutl was the cheapest one of all the sites I found.
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            The best price I found for it was at Logic Supply. They had the lowest price when I purchased mine. I have never found a 1GB stick either.
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