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System control wire on amp

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  • System control wire on amp

    I was told this wire can remotly turn on and off the amp. How do I do this? I'm assuming just take the sys control to one pole and the ground to another. I have 2 amps, do I need a DPST or can I just use a SPST? Thanks.


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    If your amp has a remote on it's very simple, just use 1 switch to switch on or off both remote on wires. The current needed to turn on an amp is very low so just about any switch will do. Just don't use a little tiny one.
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      most headunits have a wire that can drive the amp.

      You also could use a 12v output from your computer PSU.. this way, the amps are on when the computer is on.

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        I don't know if it's the best idea to use the +12V from the computer supply. You may create a ground loop. If you want to use the computer to turn the amp on, connect the computer's supply to the relay coil, and use the relay contacts to switch the car's +12V to the amp remote line.
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