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[Q] Adding EQ, no problem?????

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  • [Q] Adding EQ, no problem?????

    I have clarion DRX9375 and there is no AUX

    so i have two choices
    One is add multi media A/V input switcher or
    Add EQ like this one

    switcher is too expensive so i am thinking to add EQ.
    Can i just add any EQ with aux input like that? it says there is AUX input..
    Do i have to use only Clarion brand or Can I use other brands?
    If i can use other brand, possiblly i need adapter between clarion HU and other brand EQ. am I right?

    please advice me..
    thank you.

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    I used to connect my portable CD player the same way in high school. Looks like a great EQ to me!

    I think that EQ has a built in switcher so it is even a better deal!

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      I'm not sure,
      But I think this Headunit uses/needs a special Sound Processing Unit, and only clarion makes them for these HeadUnits. It's a very weird connector where you have to put the EQ on.

      As I said before I looked into this unit too, but found it too difficult to make an aux-in..
      Now if only that optical-out was just an optical-input....
      (Then I would definetly have bought this unit)

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        Here is multimedia switcher

        until now, the price is reasonable

        My head unit has C-BUS type small round connector for EQ.

        I can'nt still decide which way i should go..
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          If your after an EQ you can actually open up your mediaengine directory open winamp icon from within that directory, then right click the winamp icon that now sits in your taskbar and use that EQ. You can even enlarge it so its easier to use by touch. (you also have to press "ON" on the EQ for it to have any effect) Works Great for me.
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            i wasnt in time to see the pic of the eq you posted so not sure what it was, question one are you still going to use the clarion hu? is all the chanels in your system amped? do you just want to use the eq as a switcher? If you answered yes to all of the questions then id say get an audio control three.1 or a four.1 both have an aux input and a master volume control the three.1 has 3 bands of eq and he four.1 has 4 bands of eq. both have built in line drivers which mean you can turn the gains on the amps down there is a cleaner signal. though any eq will work if it has an aux input
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