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To those of you with the $300 touchscreen, please read. I need help. Wall Wart

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  • To those of you with the $300 touchscreen, please read. I need help. Wall Wart

    I have a major probelm and question. I have disposed of my wall wart unit that came with the unit. I am in dire need of the one that came with the unit. The exact one that came with the unit. I will gladly buy you a new one with the same specs if you desire, and also will pay for your current one.

    Please, if anyone can help me. Please. I am in dire need of the exact one that came with this unit.

    If you can help me please contact me at the following addresses:

    Work, gets checked from 9:00am to 5:00pm constantly

    [email protected]

    Home address gets checked in the evening.

    [email protected]

    I know that I sound like I am begging, and I am. I need this wall wart.

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    I also have some items for trade if I have to sweeten the offer.


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      If someone could even give me the information from the wall unit, I would be very greatful. Thanks


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        I'm going home tomorrow, I'll post the specs when I get there.

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          Thanks. This is a thorn in my side. Finding this unit is going be like finding a needle in a haystack.


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            Um why?



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              Keep in mind that you don't need the *exact* same unit that came with it... all you need to do is get a similar unit with the same voltage, the same or greater current rating, and the same type and polarity of plug. Don't worry about getting a power supply with a higher current output. The LCD will only draw what it needs -- you will not damage your LCD as long as the voltage and polarity are the same.
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                It is a long story.

                Short version of it. Steven and I have come to disagreement. Steven being the guy I purcahsed my screen from. My unit was damaged and I returned it to him for repair. He popped me hard for the repair bill. More story to this than I want to get into.

                I am still pretty upset.

                We have agreed to exchange or investments back. He wants everything that came with the unit, exactly as it came. Same style and brand P/S.

                I know that I could replace it with an eqaul voltage and larger current rating, but he is insisting on the original one.

                Problem with the original one is this, I cut the power connector from the wall wart and spliced it into a molex connector to plug it into the computer P/S. I have since discarded the wall wart, under the impression that I no long need it. I think he is just trying to be difficult and not return my money.

                That in a nutshell is why I need a P/S. To get a refund on the unit from Steven.