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  • DOS vs. WIN

    I am looking into getting a MP3 player together. Most of the sites I have read about it are Win9x. Some people have mentioned using DOS. I can imagine that DOS would be faster. How much faster is it? Is a DOS player harder to setup than a Win? Any input would be greatly appreciated.

    - JustAGuy

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    Depends what you want to do.. if the furthest point you want to go with your mp3 system is say a character LCD.. then DOS will be fine..

    I'm running win 98 cause most software is available for this OS and I'm getting a TFT LCD, and DOS would look really crap on it..


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      I recommend DOS.

      Its faster (my P90 can decode at full quality), and doesn't suffer from shut-down problems.

      Starts up faster and takes up less room so more MP3's

      The BEST player is DAMP from

      Supports LCD, joystick (redefinable), keypads etc.


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        I also use DOS... (well Win95a in a command prompt)

        I can then access Win95a solely to have network capabilities for dragging and dropping mp3s.

        DOS is fast, does the job (so long as you don't want a LCD) and is easily shutdown.



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          Unless you have a TFT LCD, I would go DOS all the way. I've been working on my software for DOS, and it does everything Winamp does and a whole lot more.



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            DOS can handle LCD's. It doesn't suffer from shut-down problems and the software is available for free.

            If you use WinAMP, the LCD plug in is very expensive.


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              You know... it's too bad someone couldn't write a program (or frontend) that runs in dos yet looks like winamp or some other graphical display for usage with TFT screens.

              Kinda like a pseudo-windows look like Partition Magic 4 in dos (hope someone has seen it!) but just a full screen graphical display, maybe even with mouse support!


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                I wrote a pseudo-dos 640x480x256 program many years ago 16-bit using SVGACC to give me a standard interface to all of the SVGA chipsets ( it was a mess back in da day ). It had buttons, scrollbars, list boxes, the works ( it was a tile editting program ). I was a kid back then and I did it so certainly someone could do it now using a Scitechsoft DOS library. Any takers? I can throw the source your way for what it's worth. Just don't laugh at it, I was a novice back then


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                  id be happy to take some source or urls to source .. ive done some windows programming but never any for dos. i thought about running linux on mine but samba wouldnt work on a consistant basis so i said **** it at least if i go the dos route it will take up almost no space at all on the drive


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                    Well, it would be cool to have a dos player with the look/feel of something like Winamp. I realize that would kill the thought of running in on a 486, but with prices the way they are who would try that?


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                      LINUX!!! One big draw back to DOS is you don't get multi-tasking ability. That means you cant look thru your list of MP3s while a song is playing. BLEH! I've had mine up and running now for about 8 months. The most used feature is cueing up music while some is already playing!

                      I realize that you hafta deal with nice shutdowns, but its really not that big of a deal. I'm working on a slick power control circut for linux that will take care of power management for you...



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                        Who says you cant cue up the next song to play under DOS. DOS may not be a true multitasking environment but take a look at mpxplay. You can browse thru playlists and directories while a song is going....


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                          Don't get me wrong, Linux is a great idea... but not very visual. This would be a specific program just for people who want the nice color screens but don't want/have to run windows. The look and feel without all the overhead!


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                            I didn't realize that mpxplay allowed you to do that. Do you have a link to their page? I had trouble finding their site...


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                              Also take a look at it is a front end for mpxplay that is pretty sweet. Fully browseable song database and all. I'm gonna be running it as soon as he gets support for serial LCD's...until then I'm using <a href="">98lite</a> and it loads decently fast...about 45 sec. The interface stinks for the LCD output though...