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    I spoke with friends over the options for my car pc.
    E.g. wireless lan and the 'wake up lan' BIOS setting.
    The idea was to modify the car pc from home (upload something) while my car is parked in front of the house.

    But we where wondering:
    Does this function well? Isn't it so that evereone who tries to connect, wakes up my car pc? I mean when it's asleep it first has to wake up to find out if it is the right (trusted) signal to wake up for.

    Or am I wrong. How does this work


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    You might be able to do this with a wireless router/hub attached to a 10/100/1000 NIC that supports WOL on the target pc system. Both the bios and NIC must support WOL for any of this to work. Simply have the router stay on so it can receive the ethernet traffic containing the WOL packet which should be relayed towards the pc with the WOL compatible NIC. Yes that method will drain power from your battery slowly... it's the only wireless solution I can think of right now.

    My speedstream 2623 uses about 12 watts @ 5v 2.4amps.
    Netgear mr814 uses about 9.6 watts @ 12v 800ma

    Maybe a wlan/ethernet bridge could also do this? Some more thoughts anyone else?


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      from what i understand this is unavailable and impossible (currently) with wireless technology. This too has been discussed repeaditly on this board.

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        I have one of those 3COM NIC card with able to wake up on lan and the mobo also supporting it. I was unable to to wake up the PC over a wire network. As for wireless, I don't think you can.
        However, I was able to remotedly turn my computer on via an alarm aux output. The alarm aux is negative (-) output and is set for 5 seconds duration (I use this channel to control the car window module). I wired it to drive a relay which imitate an on/off of the ACC line to the SDC. That will turn the computer on for about ~13 minutes then shutdown. If during that 13 minutes, the ACC line is on again, the timer will reset to another 13 minutes. So I just have to keep press the alarm aux button if I need the computer to be on more than 13 minutes.
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          I did search and what i Found was

          MII supports WOL

          ORINOCO wireless lan adapter supports WOL

          [qoute from their specs]
          "Wake on LAN" support
          "Wake on LAN," a desktop PC remote management feature, is supported. The 11b PCI Adapter can be set to constantly monitor the wireless LAN even when the desktop PC is switched off. The PC will boot up to enable remote management when the 11b PCI Adapter receives a Magic Packet.
          [/quote from their specs]

          I'm just wondering why/where it doesn't work then.

          BTW: If the power consumption is the bottleneck: WOL doesn't have to be switched on 24/7. What i'm thinking off is just one off those days that you are planning to do some maintanance on your carpc *after dinner* for example. So you don't keep running in and out the house. Switch it on when you drive home, do your thing in the evening, switch it off the next day driving to work.


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            I was thinking of using WOL to wake up my carPC as well. My onboard NIC supports WOL so it seems to me that if I bought a Wireless Ethernet Bridge (not just a wireless NIC, bridges require no drivers and just plug into your regular NIC) and could provide it with power at all times then it should be possible to send a "magic packet" to it. Haven't got the gear to test this theory yet though.
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              You can wake up the PC using wireless lan as long as the BIOS supports it.

              I was using the US Robotics PCMCIA wireless card in a laptop before. The card didnt support the wake-on-lan. I dont think its possible that way as the PCMCIA slot is not powered when the laptop is off therefore not powering the card.

              However it did work when I plug in US Robotics "access point" directly to the laptop, and also used it as a remote antenna. The main problem is the access point drains alot of current so its not exactlly suitable for car use.

              It wakes up by sending a "magic packet" which carries the MAC address of the card to be waken a search on AMD magic packet.


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                I tried the wireless bridge dealy yesterday (linksys wet11), could not get the thing to wake up for nuffin. I have a wireless usb network adapter (linksys wusb11), and there is some kind of option in the bios of the via epia m10000 for waking on usb devices, i believe. Anyone have any info on that? There's all kinds of power options in that bios, not very many seem to do a whole lot though.


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                  Are you sure you sent the right packet to the right mac addy? The NIC might also require a cable to be hooked up to the system board. I'm glad to hear the bridge/hub idea actually works in some cases.


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                    I'm glad to hear the bridge/hub idea actually works.

                    It is actually the best way but as long as it doesnt eat so much power. The US robotics access points drains about 2.5A at 5V.