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  • Laptop Power Supply

    You may have seen info on the Laptop Power Supply from MPJA in a couple other threads. I ordered my LCD and Power Supply from them today. It should all be here in 2-3 days. Ill probably test it as soon as i get it so I will have info very soon. The PS costs 25 bucks.

    I also bought a 16x2 LED backlit LCD from them for 3 bucks. I'll post info on the LCD as soon as I get it also. Check out my site for updates on how my project is going at

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    Thank you very much for the info. If it all works well then this will be a great option. (I hate being the guinea pig!)


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      I could be wrong here but don't most laptops run on just +5V???


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        I dont knwo about most laptops but this one ran off of +5 and +12 and btw the powersupply works gonna be putting it in my car soon


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          How about those pictures on your site? I want to get an idea of what it looks like.

          Also, what specs do you have running off of it.


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            The pictures should be on my site soon (just have to get the film developed and scanned) and as for what im running i have a Cyric 233 underclocked to 133 for heat reasons(the chip has already halfway fried the motherboard but it will work until i get a new system) a sound card and HD...i havent tried it on the exact system im using in the car but all the info for the PS (voltage amperage) is in the catalog and just look up the specs on your equipment and see if everything is ok.


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              I just checked out the web site for the power supplies and I don't see it anywhere on their online catalog anymore... and the links to the pdf files are gone!

              If you still have the .pdf catalog, could you email it to me? Thanks


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                where are those pictures and info??? how is this thing working anyways!


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                  Sorry its taking me a long time to do anything with it...I havent had much free time to mess with i tlately. ive also ran into a small problem. The power supply has a pin type header connector(like an ide connecter only with less pins) but i dont have a cable to hook it up too..A regular IDE cable cant support the current...any ideas?


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                    Catlas -

                    You should be able to solder to the pins:

                    1. Take some 18AWG wire and strip the end about 1/4". Use different colors for input, grounds, and outputs, and write them down on paper to avoid confusion (and possibly a burned out supply!)

                    2. Tin the wire and also the pin on the header you want to solder to.

                    3. Solder the wire by placing it right next to the header pin (parallel) and heat it with the soldering iron and let the solder from both the pin and wire flow together. Remove the heat and let it cool.

                    4. Slide a small length of heat-shrink tubing (1/2" to 5/8" will work) over the wire/pin junction and heat it to make it shrink tight over the connection (you can use your soldering iron by rubbing the tip over the heatshrink, if you don't have a heat gun).

                    This is what I would do. I agree a regular IDE-type ribbon cable wouldn't pass the current -- it's only 24-26AWG wire and would get hot and probably melt!

                    BTW: Most laptops need more than +5V to operate -- they need a negative voltage (~-26VDC) for the LCD, and some devices also need +/-12V to operate.

                    Jason Johnson
                    Yorba Linda, California

                    MPC Phase IV - *** PENDING ***


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                      Catlas, can you email to me the pin configuration and any other info you have on that power supply? I found an old at&t 486 laptop I was able to gut the dc/dc converter from and it looks alot like the pictures they had in the catalog. I am gonna see if I can do anything with it! Thanks


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                        Thanks alot Jason...I had wondered if soldering to the pins would be feasible and if so how...

                        Xaos: I tried to scan the data sheet but it was already a poor copy and i couldnt get it to scan well...Ill see if i can get something worked out for could always take a multimeter to it..hey you might get lucky


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                          Thats the plan... I still have not commited to any hardware yet (I have only been wanting to do this since feb of this year and have YET to actually get anything in the car!).

                          I managed to get an atx board with a decent processor and built in everything for cheap from someone... so now I need to figure out how to get a dc-dc converter to work with it. I am sure I can do it around my schedule! <grin>


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                            Hey Catlas,

                            Let us know ASAP if that thing works...I think alot of us would be willing to pop $15 plus S&H for a DC-DC PS if we could be fairly sure that it would work.


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                              Hey Catlas, I found someone who got that power supply to work. He even has a couple of pics up on his site. You can see it at