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  • Power Distribution?

    I'm going to have a 2 gauge wire running from my battery to my trunk, into a distribution block. From there it gets split into 4x 8 gauge wires, 2 for my amps, one for me power supply, and I want to use the other one to power various 12V devices that don't require much current (neons, LCD, etc). Whats the best way to split up the 8 gauge wire into several smaller wires, is there a smaller version of a distribution block I can use to go from an 8 gauge wire to a bunch of 16 gauge wires or something like that?

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    you could probably use a 4gauge -> 4x 8gauge distribution block.
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      yeah, any distribution block will work as long as its rated for gauges at least large as the cables you are using. Of course, you should try to match it as closely as possible. Do NOT buy distro blocks at best buy, circuit city, etc.. they will RIP YOU OFF. $30+ for a chunk of metal with 5 screws. Buy them online.

      If you aren't looking for appearance you can start melting a giant glob of solder right now..


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        Check these (PartsExpress) out. I've sucessfully used this one and very reasonably priced.
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          I use two of these from Parts Express:

          Just have one for + and one for -