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DOS output to Matrix-Orbital display?

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  • DOS output to Matrix-Orbital display?

    Has anyone heard-of or written a plugin for a dos MP3 player that will output to a Matrix-Orbital LCD display? If not, I'll just run linux, but Dos is easier to set up and there are no shutdown problems. I already have the display, so don't bother suggesting a different one.

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    A plugin called MPXF for MPXPlay seems to do this.. follow <a href="">this</a> thread..


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      I don't think that that Matrix-Orbital displays are "Hitachi HD44780 interfaced" which MPXF claims to support. Thanks for the info though.


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        I should be able to add support for the Matrix-Orbital display. It looks like it uses the serial port instead of the parallel port to interface the LCD. The commands are a little different as well. Of course, its hard to program something for hardware you don't have. :-)



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          I could send you a copy of the documentation. It comes with a booklet that has all of the command set and what you need to interface with it. I would do it but I'm not much of a programmer. If you mail me at [email protected] I will scan in the booklet and email it to you. I may even OCR it...


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            BTW, what part of the country are you in?


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              Uhh..ignore that last post...I forgot that I could just check out your profile...I'm in Greenville, SC...not too far from Atlanta.


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                This is primarily for Coldblood

                If you can make MPXF compatible with Matrix-Orbital display, is it possible that you make support for some kind of universal serial interface. I mean that there could be an .ini file that descibes what command are send to the display and how plugin reacts to characters that are received from keypad ( if there is a keypad connected to display).

                Example of .ini:

                [SerialPort] = com1
                [Baudrate] = 9600
                [Databits] = 8
                [Stopbits] = 1
                [Parity] = no
                ;Output commands:
                [GoLine1] = 0x13
                [GoLine2] = 0x14
                [BacklightOn] = 0xE0
                ;Input commands
                [Play] = 0x01
                [Stop] = 0x02
                [ShutDown] = 0x05,0x06

                By modifying the .ini the MPXF would be compatible with all serial LCD/Keypad interfaces like Matrix-Orbital, Scott Edwards Electronics and my <a
                href="">Serial LCD Interface</a>


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                  Thanks for the info Martzis. I'll get started on a serial LCD interface for it MPXF soon.