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Need help with setup..laptop, hibernate, external hdd

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  • Need help with setup..laptop, hibernate, external hdd

    Ok. Here's my setup. I have a laptop that i'm running through an inverter which is connected to my head unit ( inverter powers up when the key is in the on position). I also bought an 200 gig external hard drive that i'm using through usb2 ( pcmcia usb card...laptop only had usb 1.1 ). When i turn off my car, my pc is set to hibernate. The problem is that when i turn off the car, the external hard-drive stops right away ( since the inverter shuts off ) and windows cannot hibernate properly since it can't write to the external harddrive any more.

    My questions are: is there any way to mount the usb2 external hard drive as read only in win2000...that way it won't matter that it has shut off before the pc.

    Other than that..what are the options to keep the hard drive running only until the laptop has properly hibernated.

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    Wouldn't turning off the car also shut the PC right away without allowing it to hibernate? Since the inverter powers off as well.


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      Get a proper solution. OPUS or an ITPS & PS. Check out the store here for those products. They allow your computer to properly shutdown even after you have turned off your car.



      • #4 cause the laptop battery kicks in until it hibernates.