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  • EIOs new lcds

    Has anyone got one of the new 6" LCDs from If so i was wondering how hard it is to hook up. I am looking for a LCD screen like that but unless everythings "plug and play" i have no clue what im doing. I have no real experiance in wiring stuff like that up. Also if you knwo anywhere else i can get an LCD screen at it be much appreciated. Thanks for your help.

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    I'm kinda in the same boat you are in...

    I got an LCD from <a href=""></a> -- it has an ISA VGA card so it's as close to plug-and-pray as you can get.

    <a href=""></a> has some kits too but they're a bit more expensive.

    good luck!


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      Thanks for your help.. Just wondering did you get the monochrome lcd or the color? Hows it look? I was looking for a color one to run some vis plugins but i dont have the $200 to shell out right now. =(



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        Yeah, I got the monochrome. It looks better than I expected and I it think will suite me just fine. I will try to post some pictures this weekend if I can of it running winamp and my custom winamp controller.

        Color would have been nice, but that will be for phase 2 I think..., and touchscreen for phase 3 of course...

        The screen is a little slow to refresh, so you might have some problems with the vis stuff. If I get some time I'll try running geiss on it and takes some photos of that too - but i'm not expecting much.

        I opted for this LCD because I was more concerned w/ 1) not having to have a EE degree to connect the thing up, and 2) making sure that I could read what was on the screen, and 3) it was cheap! - i think it normally retails for $286 new. Alltech Electronics was offering it on ebay for $64 a week after I bought mine...

        I've heard that the EIO screen is a TV quality display and unless the fonts were very large they were hard to read. But I bet the vis plugins would look pretty good. You might check with this guy, <a href=""></a> or this guy, <a href=""></a>. If I remember correctly I think they are using the EIO LCD.

        ps: my site is at: <a href=""></a>

        pps: let us know what you end up going with....


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          sorry - <a href=""></a>


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            I bought the 6" sharp lcd , but I sent a money order so I hope to recieve it in 2 weeks , when I will have it , I will let you know how it works , bye


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              I have the 6" color lcd from eio It came with a case the powersupply and backlights the pins are as follows.
              with the display face up the first pin is on the left.
              pin 01 Chassis Ground
              pin 07 Composite Signal Ground
              pin 08 Composite Video Signal
              pin 10 Power Ground
              pin 11 12v +
              pin 12 Data Screen ] Differential, RS-485
              pin 13 Hi Data (+) ] 9600 baud, 8 data bits
              pin 14 Lo Data (-) ] 1 Stop bit, 1 Parity bit

              hope this helps