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    Hey hey...

    Since I've got all this crap in my van, I'd like to upgrade my security system (from finicky to electro-lock-down).

    Has anyone here installed their own alarm systems? How involved of a project is it? What does it entail?

    I'm also curious about this Clifford SmartWindows and their other accessories... what's people's opinions on them? Do they have computer interfaces, or would that need to be custom? Any other computer-integrateable alarm products, without having to make custom circuits?

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    I just got finished installing my first security system. And let me tell you, if you don't have a detailed listing of the existing wiring, it's gonna take you a while. The system I installed took about 10 hours, on 2 different weekends, mostly because I had to meter out every connection, and then repeat the process because the system kept going off. Once I had a detailed wiring diagram, it made it easier, but it was still very involved.

    You have your choice when selecting your system of course. This system had a pager unit, shock sensor, stater interupt, etc, etc. We chose not to use the starter interrupt, or the auto window down output, and a whole slew of options, but it still took forever. And this doesn't even involve what I had wanted to do with the system. No computer integration, I'm afraid. Not yet at least. And of course, a remote disarm for myself of course....(It's not my car. )
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