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Creative MP3+ ..... Optical Input

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  • Creative MP3+ ..... Optical Input

    I am confused, and yes I did search, found nothing....

    I have a M10000 MB and a Creative MP3+ external USB sound card...

    I just finally got my XM PCR (with optical output) setup and attached to the Creative sound card..... I hear nothing....

    I have head phones attached to the "headphone" jack on the MP3+ and don't hear a thing....

    Am I missing something?

    Thanks in advance for the help.

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    I know several people here use this Sound Card and the XM.... any ideas???

    What is striking me as missing is the link between the MP3+'s Optical Input and any out out. Where is the link between the optical input and any output?

    Any ideas?


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      In the creative mixer window on your computer, make sure one of the inputs is set to the optical input (not the recording one, one of the inputs), the volume is up, and it isn't muted.


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        The soundblaster MP3+ only supports optical for recording only. I found this out the hardway.
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