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  • Remote PC Power Switch

    Has anyone used one of these:

    From the site: "REMOTE CONTROL! Now you can remotely power up your PC at a distance with the Ignition 1 PC Power Switch Cable with Wired Remote. No need to reach down and power up your PC, this sleek gadget enables you to turn on/off your PC at a touch of a button from up to 6 feet away. It's equipped with a power button, reset button, LEDs, 80-inch cord, and attaches easily to your motherboard front panel power pins."

    Cost is $10.99 plus shipping. Worth the money or make your own?
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    $10.99 plus shipping?? Definetely make your own. It may cost you like $2, if you don't have a ball of wire and a switch.
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      ya, definitely make your own

      just extend the current power button

      i thought this was going to be about a REAL remote pc startup (ie no wire)
      im looking to do this and my solution was to use my alarm system and setup a button on my remote to feed 12v to my opus psu for the accessory line
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        I bought a momentary switch from the shack, soldered RJ45 to it, then took the ends off of an old case, soldered those to the RJ45 also. Then just plugged it in the board and I got my power button. I also added two LEDs, why not, RJ45 has 4 pairs, used 1 pair for power, another for Harddrive LEd and one for power LED. All under 8 bucks. Works good. That one seems short if you have your PC in the back of the car, especially after routing the cable to hide it.

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          Either you can use remote engine start from the alam system or just assign one channel from the alarm to power up the PC!!!! And the power off the PC!!!
          The best choice in my opinion..
          And if u use an OPUS the ignition key feature will work *** well!!!


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            i was interested in getting that remote pc switch for $10, anyone wanna sell theirs or know a place to get it that actually has it in stock? thanks guys!
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              Wow, that's's not really a remote.

              I saw this thing at pep boys for 20 bucks that will give 12v to something when you press the remote (actually a remote, unlike this retarded thing)...there's got to be a way to hook it up through a relay to turn on the pc. Any thoughts?
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