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    Ive seen several players with PC Anywhere setup to do updating and maintaince on the mobile unit. How does one set it up to do this. We have pc anywhere setup on our office servers here but they are all networked and i know when we do remote things we dial into it. But how do remotely do it from your home? Thanks


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    Wireless LAN, cable connection, or cellular modem will all work for PCAnywhere connections.

    Basically anything that can use TCP/IP.

    Jason Johnson
    Yorba Linda, California

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      How do you set up pc anywhere to do it though . Can you explain briefly ?


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        First you have to connect the two machines in some way as stated above. Then one machine is configured as the host and the other as the remote control unit. I have mine connected via null modem cables, but will probably change this configuration to a lan connection for ease of use. COnfiguration details vary from machine to machine and you just need to play with it a little bit to get them to connect. You can also download an evaluation copy from . If you are trying to connect a WindowsCE device to your mobile machine then you will also need a PcAnywhere CE which is also available on their website. IF you get stuck on configuration issues drop me an email and I will try to help you out.