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    not sure if this is the right forum but anyways, well i gues i have a couple questions
    1.what low powered at least 64mb AGP video card that can handle
    800x480 the best for a xenarc would you recomend

    2. would airconditioning keep my comp cool enough if say i had the
    MOBO and accessorys (hard drive, power supply ect.) having the
    air blown on them directly from 2 rerouted vents...and just leave
    my climate control set to my usual 71 degrees. by the way the
    car is black with black leather in it gets hot in the car
    but the a/c is top notch it gets cold quick
    OH...and a low heat/power processor like the pentium-m

    any suggestions would be helpfull thank u thread leads ofcourse are always
    welcome as the more knowledge the better.

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    I just finished running 1" vinyl tubing from my AC vent in the dash, along the side of the center console (concealed by the console cover) into my center console "glove box" where I have my Travla C134 mounted along with an XMPCR receiver and DC-DC PSU. I have a Sequoia so the console has quite a bit of room. I also added a +12V fan underneath the box which pulls air out the bottom and blows into the passenger area (no noise tho).

    Result? Before the AC fix the C134 would heat up to 70+degC (CPU temp. read with Motherboard Monitor) within about 10 minutes. Now, it hasn't exceede 52degC after 1 hour of travel. It's working very well so far.

    Some people have experienced condensation problems. I'm keeping an eye out for this, but haven't noticed anything yet. It could be because I park the car in the garage at nite instead of leaving it outside.

    Hope this helps!!


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      I thought this might be of general interest since so many people talk about their heat problems. It's really not all that difficult to do, if you have some patience, and a few tools. I've posted a few pictures of my cooling solution install.

      Good luck!


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        mikeH thanks for the reply that is basically what i intend on doing my car VW
        gti vr6 has an option for a airconditioned glovebox there is a part u can buy that is basically a tube that conects to the airconditioning duct all u do is pop out a plug in it and run the tube to the glovebox. i was worried about condensation also but i just honestly dont see it happening but then again im not all that inteligent


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          what happens in the winter time when it's cold out and you turn the heater on?


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            I live san diego so no winter here but i do go snowboarding the air duct that goes to the glovebox has a valve that can be closed. aslo aybody have any advice on video cards?