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Head Units, Which do you like, and why?

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  • Head Units, Which do you like, and why?

    I was just wondering what you guys would suggest when it comes to head units. I have searched and found a lot of info and openions, but a lot of other fluff also. It would be usefull for me, and maybe some other people if we had this in one thread.
    I am getting ready to replace the stock radio in my truck, and wonder whats out there today. So which Head unit would you recommend and why?
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    OK you said you searched so I won't go there. But just in case you missed it here's a good one:

    I think we should just keep listing head units that work in that thread. Then they will be all together and easy to search.
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      Obviously I recommend a unit that has at least audio inputs, and for a cleaner look they should be in the back of the unit. Also you want preamp outputs with preamp fader for more flexibility on your install.

      Other than that it is up to how much you want to spend. I have had a few lower price units fail due to inferior guts.

      There are some brands that seem to be more reliable than others, I had a 10 year old Nakamichi (sp) CD player that died last year.

      My home and car stereo equipment is Pioneer because it has lasted me a long time.

      My JVC, Akai, Aiwa, home stereo equipment has not lasted as long.

      I have asked many sources what the better equipment is...the only straight answer is that JVC is like Clarion in quality, the higher end Pioneer is better. I don't know about Kenwood and Alpine.

      If you upgrade your stereo every couple of years, then they are all probably good enough.

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        I am also a fan of Pioneer. I have had two pioneer single disc cd players in my car, both WONDERFUL, not a problem in the world. The first one suffered a bit of dammage in a car rollover (some drivers have no heart at all!!!) but pioneer repaired it under warrenty, HOW GOOD IS THAT?! A few months later that unit was stolen (the didnt cover that under warrenty tho :/ )

        So I was in the market for a new unit, and there was only one way to go, pioneer. The current unit is a DEH-P5250 (i think its a DEH-P5200 in the US) This thing has AUX in (via an CD-RB10) cd, radio and stacker control. A Full flip face (cd is loaded behind the face) 2x RCA pre outs, even built in sub controller!
        mine was $AU 595, but that was a good deal.

        Have fun! and remember, always disturb the peace! Plans and progress on my install - (Updated 28 June 02)
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