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  • fm tuner card

    Anybody tried using one of the fm radio cards in their mobile machine? I'm really interested in how it performs while the vehicle is in motion. thx jas

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    Yes, I actually have a Hauppauge WinTV-Theater model# 495. This provides both a fm-am radio and a tv reciever with composite and S-Video inputs. It also has an ir remote that is really handy in the car. This particular model has dolby prologic surround sound. It works great.. I have 2 of them, one in my car and one in my computer at the house.



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      how well does the TV tuner work? Did you hook it up with an antenna system? Right now I'm using a home VCR with a clarion diversity antenna system and i get *decent* tv reception, but i've been considering the tv/radio tuner card route.


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        hey mdown -- I just called Hauppauge and they said NONE of thier cards recieves AM...only FM. Are you sure yours is AM?
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