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    I was wondering, for those of you who have 6" LCD and stuffs like that... how do you mount, where do you put it in the car ?

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    I am actually looking for those 6" LCD Displays, where do you get them? I do have an Idea where to hang it up though, try to look for a place where maybe you could buy something that attaches to one of your vents and then hook it up to there, just a thought!


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      Simply go to . I think the newer product comes with a case, power inverter, and backlight. Before, you had to go through the tedious process of finding the other items yourself. Just make one thing clear to eio representitive. Tell them you need the screen when they promise it. They are notorious for somehow delaying the shipment of items. My 4x20 LCD took 4 weeks when they promised 3-4 days. Also , you need a video card with a TV out or a scan converter. A TV-out card can be found for about $30 at The scan converter is about $100 and can be found at your local computer shop type place


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        I have one of the 6" LCD's and the new ones have everything needed built in. just send em 12v and a video signal and they are up and working. in my corvette i am actually replacing the analog gauges with digital circuts that will readout on my computer through software. So I am sticking the display where the gauges were.



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          Do you have the measurments of the 6" LCD from Eio?

          Full WxHxD and Viewable WxHxD, if possible.



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            Try for some amazing little LCD moniters. They're also touchscreen. Hefty price tag though.


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              Might want to reference my prior posting, Food For Thought!