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Cambridge SoundWorks in a car?

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  • Cambridge SoundWorks in a car?

    would be a good idea to put this speakers system in my car? besides to buy car speakers?

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    I was thinking about doing the exact same thing. I think it would be a kick *** Idea for people who don't know jack about car audio and installing car speakers.
    If you do it, tell me how it is.


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      Just the small matter of the MAINS SOCKET to plug the amp into?? I doubt that an inverter will do in this situation....


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        Power supply wont be much of a problem. My Cambridge FPS2000 run on a 12 volt. You can easily get a adaptor for the car like the ones they sell for CD players and Car Chargers for Gameboy and Game Gear. My old Game Gear Adaptor would work on these speakers


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          Hey Prado,

          I remember seeing a site with cambridge speakers in the car. I think it was <A HREF="">Mp Chevy</A> But if you have a prado, just fix up the speakers. I have a prado I added one 4 channel mp and one two channel amp and a subwoofer. The Prado is so easy to tune up.Just make sure that the speaker fits in the door, cuz the Prado needs thin speakers


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            Thank you , for the replies guys , but what´s Prado , what does my parent do? , its a head deck? , were can I found it? Thank you again


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              No one here knows what a Prado is????

              Well its a smaller, faster version of the landcruiser. I have on here in Kuwait. I just figured the Prado in Prado_sergio was in refrence to the car.