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Trick the ignition?

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  • Trick the ignition?

    This is all assuming that the Ignition wire is +12v when on and 0 when off. If that is wrong, please let me know and stop reading.

    I'd like to be able to power on my entire system with a single switch. I'd like to be able to do this regaurdless of the engine running. However, I'd like to be able to survive crank.

    I think I've "wired" this correctly to do that. I do realize that if I were to leave the system on and keep the car off, it would drain my battery, but that is trhe only problem I can think of. (And I'm working on a work-around.) Thoughts?

    (using the carnetix controller...)

    '04 Canyon 4x4 pickup

    [---PC on hold----working on external fiberglass "tool" box---]

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    I think there is an error in your diagram. The switch above should be an SPDT switch and not a SPST switch. That way, you can have one pole wired to your ignition switch just in case you want to power it up using your key with the other pole being used if you want to apply power by bypassing your ignition switch. But, if you bypass your ignition switch and forget to open the SPDT switch, you will drain your battery down when the car is not running.

    If you use the controller listed above then you should not have a problem surviving crank (This information is listed on the associated web page for the controller).
    Check out my hopefully useful site...

    It's still under design but it is functional


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      The diagram as drawn will give manual control over startup and shutdown, but will ignore the ignition (which kinda defeats the purpose of having a startup/shutdown controller in the PSU).

      Here's a better solution that does what brooksware suggests and allows you to chose which alternative you want to use. (The drawing says ITPS, but this will work for CNX-P1260 as well as Opus).
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        Is it possible to power up the carnetix without using the ignition coz i dont really want to cut into the cable.


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          I did mine exactly like mikeh's diagram. It's perfect. One position makes it act on the ignition, another postion is on no matter what the ignition is doing and the last position if off no matter what the ignition is doing. It's perfect.

          mdray00. There's really no issue in tapping into the ignition. If you're afraid to, do what I did. Go to an installer, like best buy or something. Tell him you want a wire tapped into the ign but to just leave it handing out(capped of course). Then take your car home and finish the wiring yourself.

          I was charged $20 for a power run from the battery fused, and ign and a couple of other wires. In my case it was out of pure excitement for getting my system installed asap and done right. I don't have the right tools. They have awesome tools for the job.

          It's worth the $20.


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            Battery in the boot... relay split charge so the boot cicuit is isolated when no ignition.. then you cant drain the main battery so you can run the pc till the battery in the boot dies and still start the car.

            Its the way forward