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keyboard/keypad failures

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  • keyboard/keypad failures

    Hi All,
    I am wondering about the keypads/keyboards that are in use out there. I originally used a membrane keyboard that I hacked up to only use the keypad portion, and after about 3 months of summer, the keys stopped working. The rubber plungers inside got all mushy, and then the guides that the keys slide in swelled up and froze the keys. Then I bought a commercial keypad, and after about 1 month of August/September, only about 3 keys still work. I just exchanged it for a new one, and we will see how long this one lasts. I live in New Jersey, not Death Valley. Has anyone else had similar problems with membrane type of keyboards/keypads?

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    I'm working on a keypad that's from an old cordless phone.
    The keys sit on a printed pcb with all the proper connections... I think it'll be much more durable than a normal keypad and there's no membrane

    (the really cool thing is that it uses almost exactly the same common connections so I only need about 8 wires to connect to the Keyboard controller.)

    Also, you might want to find a way to make it easily removable. the heat in a car could easily breakdown rubber...

    Good luck,
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      Hi Milesg,
      Thanks for responding to my post. I am an electronic engineer so I can read schematics and figure out wiring. I have the controller board from the keyboard that I hacked the keypad from, and I might just wire pushbutton switches to it and be done with it.


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        You can look at my not so pretty there I show how I made a keyboard customized for my stuff.

        I am using regular switches rather than the keyboard keys...still in development stage (that means it looks like crap but works)
        current projects


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          I used a project box from Radio Shack that has the membrane with it for my Keyboard Hack. I just needed #1-9 so I cut off the remaining 6 buttons that I wasn't using. It's nice and flat and is part of my center console now.


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            I just used a standard laptop numeric keypad. Plugs into the PS2 port. Mine has worked fine for 2 years. I guess it's the dust in your area.
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