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PCMCIA Sound Cards?

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  • PCMCIA Sound Cards?

    Ok guys.
    Ive got a old laptop for free. 40mb ram, Pentium 133, 2 gb, 11.3" screen etc.
    It would be a good mp3 player for me because i can get a cheap dc car adapter (better than current inverter setup), its small, quiet, has good stand by support and the biggest advantage over the current setup is that it has a screen so i can actually see what im doing.
    The problem is I cannot get the ess 1788 on board sound to work. Ive tried dos, win 95, 98, and even had an attempt at linux but i can get no sound. The pc has no usb ports so a pcmcia usb adapter + usb sound is worth way more than the laptop and out of the question (could get a more powerful laptop for that money) and i think usb sound cards need a fair whack of cpu power anyway.
    The only pcmcia sound cards I have found are 24bit things that cost between $100 - $250 us. I'm looking for just a 16bit stereo one, I'm no audiophile, I just want music. Does anyone know of one (or have one sitting around) that is more like $25 us?

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    The only PCMCIA cards I know of are the ones that musicians use to record/edit sound - that's probably why you can't find 16 bit ones as the 24 bit ones are designed just for this application. And you probably know they're not cheap either...

    What's wrong with a USB card..?
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      well USB is CPU intensive so there might be a preformance penalty for using a USB sound card. and i got a Jazz 16 PCMCIA/ SCSI II card for $30 off of e-bay, very basic and really crappy there is a lot of noise especially when the SCSI is used