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  • MP3 CD Changer???

    Does anyone know of a CD Changer that ALSO plays MP3 cd's?? I am looking to add a cd changer to my car, and would love for it to have MP3 capability... If none of the big companies have pulled this off yet, I'd be surprised! As many people want to add Changers, and mp3 capability... Any advice or info would be great!
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    Not exactly a "CD Changer" but it might be what you're looking for.
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      I have a 6 disk CD-ROM changer in my car computer. I found it on eBay if that would help. M.A.V.I.C. System
      Asus MB, PII 266, 192 MB Ram, 6.8" LCD, 6 Disk CD-ROM, 21 Gig HD, All-in-Wonder Video w/ TV Tuner, Irman, Windows ME, Winamp, Cobra III -- All in a custom acrylic case. MP3car Listings - Please add to it! :)


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        Rockford-Fosgate makes a pretty cool changer. You can get more info on it here. It uses flash media instead of CD's though.


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          i believe that sony actually came out with a changer that plays mp3 cd's i think i saw it in crutchfield.
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            try SONY's CDX757MX, Alpine CHA-S634, Clarion VCZ625 changers
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              Kenwood Excelon KDC-CX89
              10-disc CD/MP3 Changer

              I considered this before deciding to go the carputer route.


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                This was only my logic, but the point of having a 10 disc cd changer was so you could get 150 songs in your car. When you cna get 150 mp3s on a cd, do you really need a changer? (i mean more is better, and i have 7000 songs on my carpc, but for the average person?).

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