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Who thinks EPIA's no-Widescreen-resolution video sucks ? here is an alternative:

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  • Who thinks EPIA's no-Widescreen-resolution video sucks ? here is an alternative:

    VIA does not seem to care very much about it's mini-ITX customers, after they used over 1 year to release decent audio-drivers, they still have no Widescreen LCD support 800x480.. yet thousands of peaple asks for it..

    here is an alternative :

    this company seems to care a bit more about QUALITY , at least providing some ATI video chip...

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    No Firewire though

    Well I didn't see it, and I was gonna use my IPOD to transfer tunes to my car player.


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      can you throw in a PCI graphics card that supports that resolution?

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        having an PCI card, somewhat defies the idea of mini-itx
        - and they hog power as well...


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          What are you talking about dude... it doesn't defy the idea of having a mini ITX at all. You are limited USB/Firewire and 1 PCI slot... You got 1 so use it. It would be nice if i didn't have to use it for VGA but lets be honest our onboard graphics cards arent that great (it runs DVD's Divx and Need For Speed Hot Pursuit fine i must add) but for those who are into games (such as I) i planned on using that slot for my a better graphics card.

          That being said i would also say how sucky via is for not support widescreen resolution or custom resolutions with the onboard card and how upset that i am that they don't support Line IN and Mic in output through the S/PDIF port. I am truly disapointed with those two items. Otherwise my Via M10000 rocks
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