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cutting holes in plexiglass

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  • cutting holes in plexiglass

    How have you guys cut small square and circle shaped holes through plexiglass? using a dremel?

    whenever i tried to cut a small square in the middle of the plexi i screw up and it breaks where its not supposed to =(

    so any tips?
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    I use a large drill bit to get it started then cut it with the Dremel. Too hard to do it with a plasic cutter. I found a thin engraving tool for the dremel and at high speed it cut through acrylic like butter (because of the friction and heat), it should work the same for plexiglass. M.A.V.I.C. System
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      A dremel on moderate speed is probably the best way to go. Use one of those thin wood cutting bits. Start out with a drill to make a pilot hole, and then use the dremel. Some type of metal template makes it easy to get a perfect square.
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