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How about controlling with a cellular phone?

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  • How about controlling with a cellular phone?

    This is mainly to see what the electronic guru's have to say.

    I've got a couple of NEC cellular phones that someone just dropped on my desk. They both work, but aren't used 'cause the antenna's were broken off. Looking at them I see they've got a nice little backlit lCD display AND a numeric keypad all right there. I opened one up and it seems to be 2 boards. The 1st I believe controls all of the "cellular phone" stuff. The other seems to be for all of the keypad,lCD,microphone,speaker,power supply, type of stuff. The 2 boards are "click" together with a connector.

    I'm gonna mess around with this thing a little. Any suggestions or insite would be great. Seems like a great way to have a convenient little controller.


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    hmmm...interesting...well i dont know about using them as a wireless or using it for the LCD but if you built a dtmf decoder that connected to the parallel serial or even if it was its own expansion could take the speaker output adn somehow connect it in with the dtmf decoder you could control the player with the keys on the keypad...that is if the phone uses dtmf tones...another interesting thing to do would be to take to walkie talkies and connect one to a dtmf tone producer somehow so that you could press buttons and transmit the dtmf tones to the other walkie talkie which was connected to the decoder...that would be a nice radio remote with pretty good range depending on the type of radio used...


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      This is what I did with an old mobile phone.
      I was using a cut down keyboard to control winamp. But After a lot of working out and some difficult soldering, my mobile phone now has a keyboard encoder inside it. I had to get the numeric keys to correspond to the numeric keys on the keyboard, but the other keys didn't matter since my keypad frontend for winamp has customised button setup. Get it at
      This would be harder on some mobiles and easier on others, I used an ericson. The track layout was similar to a keyboard