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TV FM Tuner Driver Question

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  • TV FM Tuner Driver Question

    I've searched and read much on TV FM cards and how Radiator supports most cards out there. Does anyone have an ASUS 7133 with a Philips SAA7134 chipset that can provide FM audio from Radiator?
    I've tried several different drivers and am currently using the WDM driver that came with the card. Both the TV and FM works fine through other applications, but Radiator does not detect the FM card. I'm sure it's just a driver issue, but haven't been able to find out which one to use.

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    Having the same problem. I'm using a 7108 chipset. Its a USB TV FM tuner. Cant get it to work with radiator either
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      I loaded the latest version of radiator, and got some thing else from the site with 7134 drivers, then after selcting the 7134, I went into the configure, and went through the supported cards until I found one that worked with my v stream