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ntsc monitor or surplus lcd?

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  • ntsc monitor or surplus lcd?

    Looking for feedback as to what the pros and cons are between displays. I work as an installer at a high end car audio shop and have experience with most of the video monitors made to work in vehicles. I can get a no name 6 inch monitor with rca in and made to work off 12 volt for a little less than $150. We have done these in headrests connected to Alpine's in dash dvd and they look great but what do they look like connected to the rca out of a trident vga card? Should go this route or should I consider a cheaper lcd with some kind of interface card? I will also possibly want to run another video source such as dvd or a backup camera. The way I figure it is either skimp on the computer res or the video res. I am right here or what? I thought I had it figured out but now I think I am more confused than when I first envisioned this project. thx jas