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matrix orbital lcd controlling

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  • matrix orbital lcd controlling

    I have the plugin for winamp to control this lcd, but I was wondering if there was a way to pass configuration information at startup to this device other than the plugin. Basically I want it to say something while booting up while also enabling word wrap.

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    What OS are you using?


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      If you are using windows you can use add following line to autoexec.bat: "copy text.txt com1" It copies contents of text.txt directly to com1. I haven't tested but it should work. Tell me if I am wrong.


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        martzis idea isn't far off. The only thing you have to do additionally is use the mode command to set up the serial port to the right speed and configuration, eg. 19200 8N1
        the command is:

        The text file will also have to be written using a text editor that supports extended characters. You need extended characters for bytes like 255 and so on. The byte value 255 is the command header byte for the matrix orbital. The dos editor is good for this.
        You can use the alt-number keyboard trick.
        Where you hold down the alt key and key in the byte value you want, like if I needed 255 I would hold down the alt key and type 2-5-5 on the numeric keypad. This works for sure, because I've used it myself for this exact purpose. That's before I moved up to Linux. :-)
        Hope it works for you.


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          Cool, I'll give that a try and let you guys know if it worked. Thanks


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            I'm doing exactly what I'm suppost to, but I'm getting write fault error writing device com1 abort, retry, fail, ignore..

            whats up with that


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              Is the com port enabled in the BIOS? Can you see it in device manager (if you're in windows)? If not add the port and set the setting to what calvin mentioned and try the copy command again.


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                Yea, the port is active and bios sees it. I have it working through the winamp plugin. To run the commands that are mentioned above, I boot to command prompt only. So I know thats not it..


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                  I know this is an old post, but if anyone comes across this for research purposes, there are some other options available now for communicating to your display. Currently we package an LCDC liscense with our MX displays.

                  You can get LCDC here:

                  You can also try out LCD Studio:

                  We are currently working on a new release named the "GX Series". These displays will feature Graphic USB Displays. We will be working closely with LCD Studio so you can rest assured that this will be a great combination.

                  If anyone has any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

                  Nick Hesson
                  Matrix Orbital