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    I'm going to be setting up my MP3 computer in my car soon, this is what I have plannned so far. Any suggestions/comments welcome.

    P-90 w/ 16 megs ram
    3 gig HDD (for now)
    16 - bit NoName sound card
    Some form of eithernet card
    DC-DC power (i'm hoping this will work )
    the whole mess under the front seat.

    Windows 98 lite (the free version for now)
    Winamp (duh)
    For now I plan to use a cheap gamepad for control.

    Adventually I want to built a UIR and mount a 20x4 with the game pad buttons and on/off control in the dash. (maybe make it removable?)

    I'm largely concerned with temperature tolerances of these components because I live in ottawa and it can get down to ~ -40 C in the winter and in the summer around +40 C. My car is black, she sits in the sun with the windows up all morning and when I get in on hot days I can barely breathe.
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    Car Totaled and i bought a 20G mp3 player
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    First of a P90 is not going to cut it ... its just to slow unless you use a special unit for the mp3 handling (i forgot what the thingy is called),i belive that you have to pass the 100 mark to make it at all without one of these units

    Second of you might want to check with mpja, how their dc-dc converter performs in your kind of environment


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      p90 is fine
      im running a 486 overdrive (same as p75)
      its fine
      well its fine in dos
      winblows will suck ***
      learn dos and use a dos player mine boots in 35 secs ( thats with a crappy pheonix pakard belll bios with all this **** that ya cant turn off )

      windows 95c loads in about 2.5 mins

      anyway il shuddup now

      cheers pcman

      donate to my team in the ****box rally all proceeds go to the cancer council


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        Yeah really I'd say just use DOS ...

        I'm using a Pentium 120 (straight up, not over/underclocked) and I still think the boot time for Windows is far too long. I have settled with MPXPlay w/MPXF (DOS), and considering I'm using a 4x40 LCD there would be no real advantage with windows anyways. If it's just all about the tunes (like it is for me), just use the bare minimum to play an mp3 (DOS w/slow Pentium) !


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          pcman, DaBretty

          The reason for writing that a P90 is to small is the fact that Machs_FueL says he will use win98, modified with win98Lite (demo ed)

          And then a P90 wont get you very far ...

          I wont argue wether dos or windows is better since it depends on taste and availablity / different requirements


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            I remember the basic DOS but since it lacks easy networking, the UIR plugin (which i think would make a mp3 system better then a CD changer), and also the joystick/gamepad plugin I decided Windows.

            allows multiple playlist changed by the remote.

            What would be a minimum processor speed to run Win98 and still get a respectable boot time?
            [SIZE=1]'91 Nissan Stanza

            [XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX] XX% Completed -
            Car Totaled and i bought a 20G mp3 player

            a DIY video projector page


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              MPXPLAY has native support for joysticks/gamepads.

              Which is the UIR plug-in?


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                Well i run my system of a 166 ( running 150 because i dont have the manual for the motherboard, and didnt want to mess around to much) i have 32 mb ram, which funny enough only ends up in being 16 on this specific motherboard. but it does allright.
                it is no fast booter, but i have loaded it up with a ton of ***** like network support and such.
                Otherwise i to have used win98 lite, and followed some of the tricks that get mentioned around here. The one trick that i feelt helped alot is setting your player or control program as shell. that sure speeds things up a bit.

                i you are going out looking for something i would recommend somthing close to 200 mhz (dont go much lower than 133), and preferbly 32 mb ram (16 will do to), but use what ever you can get your hands on.