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I think I killed my Molex

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  • I think I killed my Molex

    Yeah, I'm an idiot. Drinking (heavily) and installing electronics aparently is not one of my high points.
    I got all my wires ran and everything installed in my car and when I went to power up I got nothing.
    After examining everything I found my problem. I reversed the power/ground wires coming out of my CNX-P1260 that lead to the Molex 60watt PSU and Lilliput.
    Fortunately the lilliput still works, I brought it into the house, plugged in it using an AC adapter and she fires up. Unfortunately my computer no longer powers up. I'm using an M10000 in a Molex case with Molex PSU.
    I hope that all I did was burn the PSU up and not damage the mobo. I can handle getting a new PSU, but the mobo will hurt my pocket big time.
    I changed all the wires back around to be correct and my Lilliput powers up in my car so the CNX is not damaged, but I can not get anything out of my computer at all, neither in house nor in car
    I was using the power cable supplied with the CNX to power the molex by the way, the one where you don't have to open the case, just splics it in and you are good to go.
    Has anyone else done something like this? Sad to say it, but I'm hoping someone has so that I'll know that it is just the Molex and not the mobo.

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    I had an ATX power supply here, plugged it into my mobo and she began booting, so now I know that it is just the molex, I can handle that.
    Now to go kick my own ***.


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      I just called it a Molex 5 times didn't I?


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        Repeat after me....I will not drink and wire my CarPC....

        The Morex has a fuse on the input. If you're lucky, maybe this is the problem. Unfortunately, I believe it's soldered on the board. I'm out of the office this week, but I believe Rando (on this forum) has delved deeply into the Morex to fix his. Perhaps he could chime in here.

        If all else fails, you can pick up another Morex for $35.

        Keep me posted on your progress.... and lay off the juice!