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how to feed audio to headunit and shut PC off

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  • how to feed audio to headunit and shut PC off

    I'll start with the audio first. I have an Alpine headunit with no aux-in. I do have two amps though, one for subs and one for mids and highs. Can I just split (with Y cable) the signal into the amps directly, or will that cause problems. Also, is there a way, short of buying a new headunit, to be able to control the sound with my existing Alpine?

    Now for number 2: I have a DC-DC converter and already have a power block in my trunk thanks to the amp setup. The PC has an AT motherboard that doesn't shut off when win98 shuts down. Is there a way to get the PC to turn on and off without buying a shutdown unit?? I'd rather not run the power all the way to the dash just to put a switch in on the DC-DC line. Thanks!

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    fopr the power on you could make a power sence that only needs one wire and ya can connect it to the accesory line so when ya start ya car the pc starts

    like the remote on sproggys dc-dc mk 2.5 (

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