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Mini ITX board RCA output to Amp

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  • Mini ITX board RCA output to Amp

    Hi, can anyone help ?

    How do I connect my Motherboard to my Amplifiers ?

    If I use a headphone jack/RCA lead cable then the volume becoms distorted.

    I need a Line-Out from my motherboard to the Amp? How is this done ?


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    1/8" stereo plug to stereo RCA adapter cord going from audio out from soundcard or motherboard to RCA signal inputs on amplifier. If its distorted look into your grounding and placement of power/signal (RCA) wires or check out a ground loop isolator
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      guitar, I have the same issue as Daljsd, I have a USB audio device with L/R out, surround L/R out and center/sub out - is that also considered as "line-out" or line-out is something else.
      Someone mentioned "car stereo for dummy" post, I could not find this post anywhere here.

      Thanks in advance.


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        putting a 1/8 earphone to RCA is not a very good option, the sound WILL be really bad.

        You need to put your RCA out to SPDIF (if you have an epia) and then connect this output to a decoder and get separate exits for front, back, left, right, and subwoofer (5.1)

        It's written everywhere in the audio forum. Pioneer or many other builds the decoder for SPDIF->analog



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          Yep, if you compare ah +$300 solution with a $3 solution, the sound SHOULD indeed be a whole lot better. The 1/8 jack to RCA solution is not so bad really and should work.

          Have you checked that none of the volumes on your PC is set to high? For instance, if you set the winamp preamp too high or some of the sliders on the eq, than the sound will desort quite badly.
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            true that for 3$ it's worth a try

            But in my opinion, the sound is so bad that I can't live with it. There are probably cheaper digital to analog converters out there that can be used instead of the top of the line alpine and such units.



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              i have the 1/8 to rca converter into my stock bose amp. if your audiophile, this amp sucks ***. but for me i think it's fine. could be louder though. i have to crank everything up to 100% in winamp and windows (0 preamp though. i hate preamp) in order to have decent sound when windows and sunroof are open. of course, windows closed, 60% of winamp and 80% main volume is usually where i'm at.