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    Hi all,

    I am just starting to build my mp3car player. I haven't totally finalised the spec, since I am a poor student, and have to source the cheapest components.

    What I was wondering was, does anyone know where to get a good 20x4 (or better - graphical?) LCD/VFD display, as cheaply as possible? I would prefer a Vacuum Flourscent Display if cheap enough, but failing that, a LCD with a backlight would do.

    I live in the UK (expensive!), and the best I can find is from farnell at about 140 for a 20x4 VFD.

    I intend interfacing it directly to the parallel port initially, and maybe puting a PIC in place later, via RS232.

    Any ideas/suggestions?

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    For barebones LCD's check TimeLines at

    sort of 8 dlls for a 20x4. Already includes the paralell HD44... something.


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      I aint sure you can use this but a vfd for 140 sounds very expensive to me.

      i only have a danish link
      the display here costs about 30-35, but i dont know if they do abroad shipment or not.

      Im sure there are other guys on this board that can give you links to places that are more accessible than this


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        I got my 20x4 VFD from Review Display Systems (in the UK). Cost me 50.07 including VAT and delivery, and they delivered within 24 hours after I ordered online. The URL is:

        Pictures of it are now on my website (though the picture quality is a bit iffy - I'll take some more one day).


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        Old Systems retired due to new car
        New system at design/prototype stage on BeagleBoard.