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Will This work ?? Opinions needed

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  • Will This work ?? Opinions needed

    Im finally going to pruchase some parts and i was wondering if my idea is going to work.

    This board i see people talking about seems to be a decent board....

    It says it has tv out with an rca cable for the output.

    This is the monitor that i am looking into buying....

    And a USB touch screen kit from...

    What i need to know is if i put this touch screen kit in to the monitor above and install XP as an OS using the 15 pin port for vga with another monitor will i then be able to use the monitor through the rca input like a tv and still have touch screen capabilties?

    Hope i made this clear and i hope someone can help me out.

    Thanks for any help in advance

  • #2 many screens are you planning to have in your car?

    1. You have to understand TV output is a very poor quality for text...If you're planning to read stuff on that screen...good luck guessing the letters.

    2. Yes you can do your setup...If I understand correctly. You want LCD monitor with Touchscreen, output from TV-out + another monitor plugs in the VGA port.

    The touchscreen kit is almost like a mouse itself. When you calibrate it, it will function even with the LCD off.


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      So the quality of the screen when going through the rca jack is going ot be poor ..

      I was hoping it wouldnt be all that bad. The reason i wanted to do this is that it saves me some money and i only can find one place that has a LCD monitor in that kind of chasis "Motorized that is". They have a description on how to mod a Lilliput but i am not sur ei want to try to solder some stuff on a a monitor. So i guess i am goingto have to fork out a wack of money for a LCD screen in that type of chasis unless someone knwos where i can get a better deal then $600+ American.


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        In addition

        I forgot to mention that the monitor does not have a 15 pin vga connection.


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          This board i see people talking about seems to be a decent board....

          Where is a good place to buy this board in the US? Thanx