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  • Digital Hard Drives.

    Since THere are other ways of putting information on your PC, It is possbile to boot up using a 250 Mb. Hard Drive. and use a Digital Orb or a Jaz drive for mp3 storage. Since tthey are not using Platters no shock will come to them.

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    From my experience, those Jazz drives and such are rather plasticy and don't hold up to abuse well. I have had a normal, plain jane hard drive in my prototype MobileMP3 for about 5 months now. It was hard mounted in an old computer case, and put at my feet in my boat. I went through an entire summer of abusing that thing hitting huge waves, and I'm talkin jarring hits, and it never skiped a beat or failed in anyway. Those hard drives get along with low frequency impacts better than you can imagine...

    Just my 2 cent,


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      There r Boot Hd , they r very cheap maybe that can help you , bye


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        One more thing... Hard drives are CHEAP! I just ordered a 20.4 gig IBM for $165. You would hafta buy a lotta expensive Jazz disks to come up with 20 gigs. If you don't have a way to transfer files to the mobile unit, get two ethernet cards... They are super cheap and fast too...


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          where did you order your HD from?


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            Thanx for the info, cuz everyone was saying how great the orb is. and I figured If it dosnt use it platters it cant get bad sectors, I need soemthing thats REALLY tolerant to the heat here, temperature can get up to 40-55 Celuis


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              I have checked with some Optical drive companies.

              OSL25000/25 1341GB Sony $34479.00

              OSL25000/45 1341GB Sony $38499.00

              OSL25000/65 1341GB Sony $42499.00

              If you think you have a big enought hard drive, think again


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                You should be able to boot straight from a jazz drive...and they are supposed to be quite shock proof even though its only a plastic case

                thats not to say u should be throwing/dropping/handling them roughly anyway....

                u might have to read up ont he iomega website to see how to make the jazz bootable...or try the original user manuals and stuff that came with the drive....i havent actially done this i cant really help..sorry



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                  Actually JAZ disks do have platters -- try to slide open the protective sleeve and you'll see two aluminum metal platters much like a hard disk has inside. The heads in the JAZ drive also are very similar to that of a hard disk -- they are voice-coil type devices which ride over the surface of the rotating platters. If they get bumped and touch the disk, then it's bad news (a damaged head or a surface pit or scratch can result).

                  Plus JAZ disks aren't hermetically sealed with integral air filters like hard disks are... they may not do too well when in an environment with dust and smoke (i.e. a car interior) however I haven't tested this yet.

                  Just thought I'd clear that up...

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                  Yorba Linda, California

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